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Why India again?

As I type this in, many thoughts coming my way and buzzing in my consciousness telling me its's time to explore something new, something creative, something that will absorb most of my precious free time.

Ever since we have visited India back in December 2016 for my 40th birthday and family Christmas Holidays along with our Indian/Hindu friends that live in Mumbai, I am absolutely struck by it's magnificent influence on my humble human body and ancient soul.

It's because of my soul callings, unknown longings and push we have decided to spent some time in Mumbai, Goa and did a Rajahstan trip only to find out I found what I was looking for and asking for more to give and receive.

As I scribble this along I'm already creating a packing list in my head for the next adventure.

Guess what?

I'm going to visit India and Goa especially this time and explore some different kind of atmosphere and environment as I'm traveling in monsoon season.


I can only imagine it will be hot and sticky with loads of healing rain in between the thunders and uneasy Arabic sea waves crashing into the Anjuna beach shore.

This time is different, I won't rush as we did with our kids, no ... this time will be different ... will have plenty of time to explore the Goan adventure with a lot of Yoga and Meditation in between ... scooting along some local roads taking me to loads of places I have not seen or felt with my all six senses last time ... this time is my and my best friend Jo TIME :)

I cannot wait to explore it all and tell you all about via my Photography and Blog along ... I hope you can join me for most of the time ... lets hope WiFi is working in between thunders and we can stay in touch :)

Much love and peace

Ala x

Boys selling on Baga beach

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